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I Tried To See Goodness In You

All I Found Was Shame

3 July
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All you need to know about me in one song!

"YOUR SWEET VOICE" - The Reindeer Section

Your sweet voice
Lets me know there is a choice.
Please me slow, much more slowly than that...
And when we danced,
We danced warm cheek to cold cheek.
A sideways glance, I knew you are looking at him.

I can't call you a friend
Cause when you left me here, you left me here to DIE
Don't worry I won't call you again.
Cause when I take a hint, I take it pretty hard
And when you broke my heart...
You broke it into shards of glass.

I won't be blamed for someone elses mistakes.
It's your sweet voice sounding cheery and warm.
It breaks my heart, but I summon up all my charm.

Can I call you my friend?
Cause it's been so long since we talked and I miss you.
Don't worry I'm over you right now.
So my feelings won't get in the way a bit,
Oh I miss the way we talked about the LITTLE THINGS.

Senses Fail Is Love.

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Date Created:05/09/05
Number of Posts: 127

Adam is a vivacious animalistic homosexual who likes to suck lots of cock and is into rough sexual play. He has a tendency to get unruly and act like an ass when alcohol is introduced into the equation. He likes to be pissed off a lot and is completely anxiety ridden but has a soft side because he is emo.
Strengths: Super Charisma, Hot Hair, Friendly, Loyal, Empathetic
Weaknesses: Ditzy, Angered very easily, Is way too sensitive
Special Skills: Hyperempathy and Boxing expert
Weapons: Pool Cue Stick and a dagger
Pet Peeves: People who take shit way too fucking seriously..I mean get a life!

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